SHANGRI-LA GOLD | 香格里拉黄金 250g


Product Description

This award winning tea from Nepal has a beautifully twisted golden leaf that produces an amber cup with a brisk raw sugar aroma. The flavour is both smooth and sweet with a pleasant note of malt.It has a honey, chocolatey aftertaste. Clean and full-bodied.

Steep for 3 – 5 minutes at 100C.

这种茶具有美丽扭曲的金色叶子,产生琥珀色的杯子,具有轻盈的原糖香气。 味道既光滑又甜美,味道愉快,麦芽甜蜜,有巧克力的回味。 清洁和浓郁。

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Weight .25 kg


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